Ola Pacifica – delicious chocolate just in time for Easter!

What marketing agency doesn’t want a chocolate client?! We’re very excited to share the launch of the new Ola Pacifica chocolate range.

It’s made in Switzerland (the Swiss are master chocolatiers after all) from 100% single-origin Samoan cacao which is smooth, decadent and delicious. The chocolate is plant-based, making it suitable for vegans, and dairy-free, without any additives or fillers and comes in three delicious flavours: Almond, Coffee and Orange. We’d recommend you try all three, as they are all seriously good! Shop now.

Owners Nia and Phil Belcher are strongly focussed on sustainability, caring for our environment, and are proudly building a company culture where people come first. Read more here.

After delivering new packaging and brand design for this project, Creative Marketing now supports Ola Pacifica with their ongoing marketing tasks. Thanks Nia and Phil, for welcoming us into your whanau – we love working with you and look forward to helping your business grow.

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